Welcome to the official Chroma Cage store. Here, you may purchase various items for use on the server.
We use PayPal to securely process checkouts, and do not store any customer information.
All items should be delivered automatically to you in game within 5-10 minutes after purchase.

Questions or concerns can be sent to chromacage@gmail.com.

Connection Details (Version 1.20+)
Java: play.chromacage.com
Bedrock: bedrock.chromacage.com
Survival: survival.chromacage.com

Hidden Advancement Hint
Once the Community Goal is met, global buffs will be activated for 24 hours.
Community Goal

312.69 / 500.00 USD (62%)

Recent Purchases

1x 3 Nether Stars Daily - 30 Days

1x 3 Nether Stars Daily - 30 Days

1x +1 Rank Upgrade

1x +1 Rank Upgrade